Terror in Gunsight by Lauran Paine audiobook

Terror in Gunsight

By Lauran Paine
Read by Lloyd James

Blackstone Western 9781538474778


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    Available on 10/06/2020

    ISBN: 9781538474778

Runtime: 3.62 Hours
Category: Fiction/Westerns
Audience: Adult
Language: English



Forced to take a precipitous route off the rimrocks and down into an unknown valley to escape certain death by four men pursuing him, Pete Knight, a cowhand seeking a job, sees a town ahead in the distance. If he can just make it to that town, he believes he will be safe. Little does he know that he is heading into Gunsight, Wyoming, where a long-standing feud between the townsmen and the range men has reached the boiling point.

Arthur Hobart owner of the Diamond H has issued a warning that if the people of Gunsight do not stop victimizing his cowpunchers, he’s going to bring in his own law enforcer and burn the town down. And the appearance of Pete means only one thing to the townsfolk: Hobart is about to make good on his threat.

When Pete is jailed, he tries to convince Sheriff Mike Mulaney to get confirmation that he is not who the Gunsighters think he is. But before the matter can be resolved, Pete is lynched in the middle of the night by five men wearing burlap hoods.

When his Pete’s brother Ben, a US deputy marshal, arrives seeking vengeance for his brother’s hanging, he has even more reason to hate the town and what it represents than those on the Diamond H. But when Hobart tries to use Ben’s arrival for his own advantage, Ben must choose between protecting the town and abandoning his trail of vengeance or standing by while Hobart’s threats become reality.

Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews

“Paine is a fine storyteller, and he re-creates the world of the old West with a simple, straightforward style.” Kirkus Reviews, praise for the author



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Author Bio: Lauran Paine

Author Bio: Lauran Paine

Lauran Paine (1916–2001) was born in Duluth, Minnesota, a descendant of the Revolutionary War patriot and author Thomas Paine. His family moved to California, where he spent years in the livestock trade and rodeos and learned about the Old West. After serving in World War II, he began writing for Western pulp magazines. He wrote more than nine hundred books in several genres under his own name and pseudonyms, many published in Britain.

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Category: Fiction/Westerns
Runtime: 3.62
Audience: Adult
Language: English