Meet Your Maker by Matthew Mather audiobook

Meet Your Maker

By Matthew Mather
Read by January LaVoy

Blackstone Publishing 9781538589441

The Delta Devlin Novels: Book 2


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Runtime: 10.01 Hours
Category: Fiction/Mystery & Detective
Audience: Adult
Language: English



In the Czar’s Suite of Kiev’s five-star Persian Palace, police discover a body jammed impossibly deep in a narrow ventilation duct. Security cameras reveal that no one else entered the supersecure room.

An ocean away, Interpol rookie Delta Devlin witnesses an attempted assassination, but the bullet meant for the Ukrainian prime minister hits her father instead, lodging next to his heart. Investigations reveal that ex–KGB operator Yuri Korshunov smuggled a 3D-printed plastic gun into the UN Building.

As her father falls into a mysterious coma, Devlin tracks down infamous tech wunderkind Lenny Bondar at the Maker Faire, a global gathering of hackers. Desperate, she follows Korshunov and Bondar into the underworld of Eastern Europe. There, her worst nightmares materialize from the darkness. Something is coming for her, and it may not even be alive.

With Russian troops massed on the borders, and her father on the brink of death, Del follows a trail of bizarre murders ever deeper into no-man’s-land. But can she uncover the truth and save her father before a new kind of war forever alters the world?

Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews

“Mather’s chaotic scenes that place Del in life-threatening situations, and of which she expertly extricates herself, are well written and page turning.” New York Journal of Books
“Mather’s brand of speculative fiction is solidly rooted in technology’s near-term potential, rather than more fanciful, distant social and economic threats. He forces readers to contemplate a world, unnerving yet conceivable, that could soon be their own.” Publishers Weekly
“A mind-bending new series by the master of technothrillers…Anyone that says there isn’t a truly unique story anymore hasn’t read Matthew Mather’s Delta Devlin novels.” Nicholas Sansbury Smith, New York Times bestselling author of Sons of War and the Hell Divers series
“Matthew Mather weaves in a fast-paced deft plot along with a well-developed, strong female protagonist in order to engage the reader and keep them in suspense…The mystery unravels at the end and the conclusion is quite satisfying, making the complex plot all the more worthwhile.” Seattle Book Review
“Another home run from one of the genre’s top authors. Mather once again artfully weaves nail-biting action and high-tech wizardry into a relentless thrill ride.” Steve Konkoly, Amazon Charts and Washington Post bestseller
“Mather has crafted a whip-smart and quick-footed international thriller with a likable protagonist and a plot honed out of hardwood. Taut, tightly crafted, and thrilling.” Dana Haynes, author of St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking



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Author Bio: Matthew Mather

Author Bio: Matthew Mather

Matthew Mather’s books have sold millions of copies, been translated and published in over twenty-five countries, and optioned for multiple movie and television contracts. After starting his career at the McGill Center for Intelligent Machines, Matthew worked in ventures ranging from nanotechnology to cybersecurity before becoming a full-time author of high-concept speculative thrillers.

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Category: Fiction/Mystery & Detective
Runtime: 10.01
Audience: Adult
Language: English