Ezra Exposed by Amy E. Feldman audiobook

Ezra Exposed

By Amy E. Feldman
Read by Shaun Taylor-Corbett

Blackstone Publishing 9798200797486


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Runtime: 3.26 Hours
Category: Fiction/Coming-of-Age
Audience: Children (8–12)
Language: English



A Publishers Weekly Pick of Fall Books for Children

It started as a joke—but it’s not funny anymore.

Even though Ezra’s got good friends and can make everyone laugh, he feels like he’s invisible, both at home and at school. To make things worse, he’s the only kid in his group without a phone—left out of plans and shared jokes and games. Finally, at the end of fifth grade, his parents come through.

The phone changes everything. Ezra texts his friends all the time, can instantly keep up with his favorite teams, and boredom is a memory. Best of all, the funny pictures he’s posting on social media are getting a lot of attention. Other kids—including the popular kids—are noticing him for the first time.

Then he takes a photo that pushes things over the edge, and suddenly he’s in the principal’s office with his parents …

Amy E. Feldman’s debut is smart, laugh-out-loud funny, fast-moving—a great read that also takes on the very serious subject of kids and phone use. Middle-grade readers will recognize Ezra as one of their own, and the author’s light touch allows her to address an issue parents might not recognize, but kids need to be aware of. Ezra Exposed is just right for fans of Gordon Korman, Tom Angleberger, and Rebecca Stead.

Educator’s Guide is available here: https://s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/www.blackstoneaudio.com/Educator_Guide_Ezra_Exposed.pdf

Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews

“Sweet, silly Ezra and his butt-joke-loving, approval-seeking antics make for a hilarious read, but it’s the serious digital citizenship lesson that parents and educators will applaud. I’m putting this in front of my kids now!” Suzanne Francis, New York Times bestselling Disney author  
“Ezra Exposed pulls off a magic trick: it’s an entertaining, hilariously funny story about a serious and difficult issue, told with compassion in a pitch-perfect middle-grade voice. This book will open the eyes of young readers and their parents, while also offering guidance and reassurance.” Natalie Standiford, author of The Only Girl in School
“Author Amy Feldman has pulled off quite a magic trick: she hides a gentle educational warning in a wildly entertaining, fast-paced, and funny debut. Readers will fall in love with Ezra and his hilarity, but above all, they will relate to his mistakes. Essential reading for any kid about to own a phone for the first time—and for their parents.” Leslie Margolis, New York Times bestselling author
“Ezra’s droll first-person narration, desire to be liked, and evolving maturity deftly render this a humorous and self-reflective tale.” Publishers Weekly
“Ezra Miller is the chicken-nugget-butt we need right now! Ezra Exposed introduces us to an unforgettable character who accidentally finds fame and shame through his Instagram account. Amy Feldman’s writing is funny, relatable, and informative. And if you have kids who like to take pics on their phones, it's also crucial.” Robin Epstein, bestselling author of the Groovy Girls series
“The book nails middle school humor with its delight in matters of the body as well as the unending quest for popularity and its evolution with social media…With charm, the book exemplifies the pull between childhood and the impending teenage years that typifies the life of a tween…Smart and funny, Ezra Exposed illustrates just how dangerous the push for popularity can be—particularly when it is paired with the internet and butts.” Foreword Reviews
“This story is entertaining and educational at the same time. I couldn’t put it down! It is on the top of my must-buy list for my middle school students.” Christine Rosa, library media specialist
“This book is highly accessible for a late elementary school audience…This book would be a great talking point for parents with their children about so many learning moments. These include internet safety, peer pressure, puberty, and work ethic.” Caitlin Dalton, 7th grade teacher
“I wish this were a book that didn’t need to be written. But internet safety is a real issue, and kids need to know the legal and social ramifications of their actions, and this is an age-appropriate way to introduce and explain this to kids.” Donna Melter, educator
“This is an amazing book. It lays out what can happen with the internet. Ezra is a kid that most kids can relate to—not perfect, but not a bad kid. He makes a little mistake, and it slowly grows into a big problem. It will show the kids what happens if they forget what goes on the internet stays on the internet. This will work much better than a dozen lectures.” Allison Dollar, former school librarian, MA in children’s literature
“This was a great book for upper elementary and middle school kids. It is a quick read that kids can really relate to…I hope to read this as a read-aloud with my class and help them understand how important it is to be careful what you post online.” Mandy G., 6th grade teacher



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Author Bio: Amy E. Feldman

Author Bio: Amy E. Feldman

Amy E. Feldman is a practicing attorney and syndicated legal commentator heard daily on radio stations across the country. She has appeared on CNN, Today Show Weekend, and Fox Sports, in addition to frequent appearances on local Philadelphia-area television stations. Amy has been a curriculum contributor and blogger for the National Constitution Center, focusing on the intersection of technology and children’s rights. She also created programming for middle schools designed to teach students about their rights and responsibilities concerning technology.

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Category: Fiction/Coming-of-Age
Runtime: 3.26
Audience: Children (8–12)
Language: English