Screaming on the Inside by Jessica Grose audiobook

Screaming on the Inside: The Unsustainability of American Motherhood

By Jessica Grose
Read by Suehyla E. Young

HarperAudio, HarperCollins 9780063078352


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Category: Nonfiction/Social Science
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A New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice of the Week

Jessica Grose dismantles two hundred years of unrealistic parenting expectations and empowers today’s mothers to make choices that actually serve themselves, their children, and their communities.

Close your eyes and picture the perfect mother. She is usually blonde and thin. Her roots are never showing and she installed that gleaming kitchen backsplash herself (watch her TikTok for DIY tips). She seamlessly melds work, wellness and home; and during the depths of the pandemic, she also ran remote school and woke up at 5 a.m. to meditate.

You may read this and think it’s bananas; you have probably internalized much of it.

Journalist Jessica Grose sure had. After she failed to meet every one of her own expectations for her first pregnancy, she devoted her career to revealing how morally bankrupt so many of these ideas and pressures are.

Now, in Screaming on the Inside, Grose weaves together her personal journey with scientific, historical, and contemporary reporting to be the voice for American parents she wishes she’d had a decade ago.

The truth is that parenting cannot follow a recipe; there’s no foolproof set of rules that will result in a perfectly adjusted child. Every parent has different values, and we will have different ideas about how to pass those values along to our children. What successful parenting has in common, regardless of culture or community, is close observation of the kind of unique humans our children are.

In thoughtful and revelatory chapters about pregnancy, identity, work, social media, and the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic, Grose explains how we got to this moment, why the current state of expectations on mothers is wholly unsustainable, and how we can move towards something better.

Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook.

Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews

“Fierce, timely, unflinching…It’s not always a pretty picture, but it sure is a galvanizing one.” New York Times Book Review
“If this book feels like it’s sounding the alarm on the state of American motherhood, well, that’s because it is.” San Francisco Chronicle
“[An] accessible, empathetic, data-driven report.” Booklist
“This is the rare book that is both important for how we think about policy solutions to serious social problems, and also incredibly relatable and hard to put down.” Emily Oster, author of Expecting Better



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Author Bio: Jessica Grose

Author Bio: Jessica Grose

Jessica Grose is the author of two novels and an opinion writer at the New York Times who writes a popular newsletter on parenting. She was the founding editor of Lenny, the email newsletter and website. She also writes about women’s health, culture, politics and grizzly bears. She was named one of LinkedIn’s Next Wave top professionals 35 and under in 2016 and a Glamour “Game Changer” in 2020 for her coverage of parenting in the pandemic. She was formerly a senior editor at Slate and an editor at Jezebel. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Businessweek, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and many other publications. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and daughters.

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Category: Nonfiction/Social Science
Runtime: 6.50
Audience: Adult
Language: English