Four Seasons by Chris Widener audiobook

Four Seasons: One Family's Transformation Through Tragedy and Triumph

By Chris Widener
Read by Larry Williams

Blackstone Publishing, Made For Success Publishing, Made for Success 9781641466585


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Category: Fiction/Religious
Audience: Adult
Language: English



Are you prepared for the inevitable?

At some point in your life, you will contemplate the end and question what it is like to depart from the only thing you’ve known. Hesitation and uncertainty might consume you to the core, or a sensation of comfort and contentment will set you free.

In Four Seasons, Chris Widener shares the relatable journey of Jonathan Blake and his family through a year in their life, confronted with unavoidable tragedy. After he is diagnosed with cancer, Jonathan reflects on the growth of his children, watching them take life into their own hands and create light in the darkest of times. The Blakes encounter the grandest of joys through the celebrations marking the passing of special events, as well as the withering burden of the painful paths we are all expected to travel at different times. With life coming to a halt, he cherishes every waking moment and doesn’t allow fate to slow him down or hold him back from making change.

Honest and heartfelt, delicate and intense, Four Seasons is both a beautiful celebration and a shocking aftermath. The four seasons of life are guaranteed; they will come eventually to everyone. This is the story of how the four seasons came to one family and how they lived through them with courage, strength, and purpose. Jonathan’s journey reminds us that there is a balance in life—celebrating the joys it brings and the sorrows of death.

Now it’s up to you… will you take your turn putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, visualizing life through the perspective of another? Are you ready to see a glimpse of reality?

Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews

“I’ve been privy to all of Chris Widener’s work, and this, by far, is his most impactful book. It is filled with invaluable insights and lessons on living a life of purpose told in the most compelling way. You truly will not be able to put this down! Priceless!” Greg Provenzano, President and Co-Founder, CAN Inc.
“Chris Widener has written a beautiful and meaningful novel dealing with the most important question: How do you find meaning in life—especially if you only have one year to live? Four Seasons is a powerful story that will make you look at your life in a brand new way that will bring meaning to your life story.”   Jeffrey J. Fox, author of several international bestsellers, including How to Become a Rainmaker
“Chris is an insightful and powerful author whose books inspire and instill in us a desire to be the best version of ourselves. Four Seasons is another compelling read that will elicit all ranges of emotions as you walk in the footsteps of a man facing his mortality, with a realization that he has been given a gift to repair, enhance and cultivate relationships with those who mean the most to him. This story is a poignant reminder of what is most important in life and how our faith and love are the greatest legacies we can leave.” Jennie Norris, ASPM, BTS, ISC, SRS, STRS, SSS, LHS, CDE, SMS, Chairwoman, International Association of Home Staging Professionals 
“Want to finally learn the answer to the age-old question of what is more important, time or money? Start here!” Patrick Snow, internationally bestselling author of Creating Your Own Destiny
“Four Seasons is one of those books that will alter the significance of your life!” Ryan Chamberlin, author, speaker, CEO of the True Patriot Network
“Chris Widener has transformed his own life and career beyond the biggest dreams of most people. He has truly had a positive impact on the world, and it continues to expand. This story is told in a way that will cause you to reflect on your deepest values and life goals. It will also touch your heart.”  Jim Cathcart, mentor, speaker, and author 
“There’s a saying’ time heals'. Time also reveals. I’ve had the pleasure of not only being mentored by Chris Widener but consider him a dear friend. Guard your inner circle carefully. Chris walks his talk. He is leaving a living legacy and impacting generations. Learning to discover what you would give your life for helps you know what you give your time to. Four Seasons is priority straightening wisdom.”  Donna Johnson Sr., entrepreneur and author of My Mentor Walks on Water
“We tend to live life like we’re immortal. Even though that fantasy doesn’t make any sense. Chris Widener’s new book takes us on a vicarious journey with a highly successful has-it-all character who has to face mortality sooner than expected. And in doing so, we are compelled to look deeper at our relationships, values, and priorities and re-consider how we want to live. What more would you want a book to do?”  Brian Walter, CSP, CPAE, President of Extreme Meetings Inc. 
“Very little is guaranteed in life, but we know Four Seasons are and how we work through them, grow through them, learn from them and still find joy in the midst of it all is pertinent to our happiness. I know I want to be a shining light for my loved ones, and this book will help us all to do just that.” Cyndi Walter, Owner of Cynergy, Inc.
“We all face changes. We all face challenges. And, one day, we will all face our final Four Seasons. But, the wisdom, insight, and heart of Chris Widener’s powerful book will help every reader navigate those times with greater peace and hope. Bless you, Chris!” Robert Hotchkin, minister, author, and speaker 
“I can’t wait for the world to read Chris’ new book Four Seasons. So many focus their time on this earth making a living and never get around to making the life God designed for them. One year…four seasons to do just that. What will you do?” Curt Beavers, entrepreneur
“Four Seasons mirrors the reality of each person’s life. Whether lived only for success in this world’s economy or for the beauty of living a life of God’s Best Blessing: the rich life of family, friendship, and influence that lingers into lasting life legacies, may we so live!” Naomi Rhode, professional speaker, co-founder of Smart Practice 



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Author Bio: Chris Widener

Author Bio: Chris Widener

Chris Widener is a successful businessman, author, speaker, and television host. He has authored over 450 articles and numerous books; he has also produced many CDs and DVDs on leadership, motivation, and success. Widener was previously the host of the national interview show Made for Success and cohost of True Performance with Zig Ziglar. As a public speaker, he has presented to organizations such as General Electric, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, and the Harvard School of Business. 

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Runtime: 8.44
Audience: Adult
Language: English