The Cognomina Codex by D. Eric Maikranz audiobook

The Cognomina Codex

By D. Eric Maikranz
Read by Michael David Axtell  and Bronson Pinchot

Blackstone Publishing 9798200987719

The Reincarnationist Papers Series: Book 2


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Runtime: 13.59 Hours
Category: Fiction
Audience: Adult
Language: English



A #1 bestseller in Metaphysical & Visionary Fiction 

A Barnes & Noble Favorite Indie Book for March/April

The Cognomina Codex continues the adventure that began in D. Eric Maikranz’s electrifying debut novel, The Reincarnationist Papers, which was the inspiration for the Paramount Pictures film Infinite.

Evan Michaels is back in a new life as a Syrian refugee. When strange memories of his former lives lead him back to Zurich, headquarters of his old family of fellow reincarnationists, the Cognomina, he must reacquire their trust to rejoin their ranks.

On the last leg of this journey, he is intercepted by an excommunicated member of the Cognomina who holds some serious grudges. She’s on a mission to wipe out large portions of the world’s population to save the planet from destruction. She proposes a union of the Cognomina and her own group of reincarnationists, but her true goals are dark indeed, and her resources are vast.

Evan finds himself at the start of a war between two factions of immortal beings, each with a radically different vision for life on earth.



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Author Bio: D. Eric Maikranz

Author Bio: D. Eric Maikranz

D. Eric Maikranz has had a multitude of lives in this lifetime. As a world traveler, he was a foreign correspondent while living in Rome, translated for relief doctors during a cholera epidemic, and was once forcibly expelled from the nation of Laos. He has worked as a tour guide, a radio host, a bouncer, and as a Silicon Valley software executive. His first novel, The Reincarnationist Papers, was adapted into the Paramount Pictures film Infinite.

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Available Formats : Retail CD, Library CD, MP3 CD, Hardcover, Paperback
Category: Fiction
Runtime: 13.59
Audience: Adult
Language: English