Murder in Haxford by Rick Bleiweiss audiobook

Murder in Haxford: A Pignon Scorbion Mystery

By Rick Bleiweiss
Read by  B. J. Harrison

Blackstone Publishing 9781665046718

The Pignon Scorbion Series: Book 2


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Runtime: 9.28 Hours
Category: Fiction/Mystery & Detective
Audience: Adult
Language: English



A BookBub Editors' Pick of New Mystery Books

A Barnes & Noble Favorite Indie Book for March/April

Pignon Scorbion is back for the second installment in his bestselling and award-winning historical mystery series! Perfect for fans of Hercule Poirot and Enola Holmes.

A delightful day in 1910 at the Haxford Spring Fair turns horrifying and deadly when a balloonist plummets to the earth from the blue skies above. However unlikely, it’s soon discovered that this unfortunate corpse was not done in by his precipitous plunge but instead from an arrow fatally lodged in his chest. Unraveling the twisted web of intrigue that took the man’s life requires the expert skills of Haxford’s brilliant and sartorially splendid Chief Inspector Pignon Scorbion.

But the quirky detective is not alone in this task. Aiding Scorbion in his dogged pursuit of truth and justice are his carefully chosen deputies: six quirky and unconventional thinkers from the town who meet regularly with Scorbion in Calvin Brown’s barbershop to unmask ne’er-do-wells and solve local crimes. Since his move to the charming village, the enigmatic detective has also realized his growing dependence upon its bookshop’s owner. Lovely and quick-witted Thelma Smith not only helps Pignon with his criminal cases, but she seems well on her way to unlocking the mysteries of his heart.

Not everyone in Haxford is so cooperative. Faustin Hardcastle from the Gazette is bound and determined to ruin the town’s new officer of the law with slanderous news reports of failure and misconduct. And other residents of the picture-perfect village do not welcome the inspector’s inquiring eye and expert nose for trouble. When they engage in decidedly unquaint activities like gambling, revenge, forgery, and loan sharking, it falls to Pignon Scorbion to reveal their deceit and criminal misdeeds—all in a good day’s work. Once done, he and Thelma can then thoroughly enjoy a delicious dinner at the Bridgehouse Inn.

Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews

“If there was a murder at Downton Abbey, Pignon Scorbion would be right at home investigating the crime. A perfect period piece to cozy up with and match wits with the nattily attired Chief of Police.” Al Roker, TV personality and bestselling author
“Fans of detective fiction take note: filled with wit, charm, and cunning, Rick Bleiweiss’s Pignon Scorbion series should be at the top of everyone’s list of suspects. I loved Murder in Haxford.” Andrew Child, #1 international bestselling author of Jack Reacher and numerous other books
“Pignon is in fine fettle in this whodunit in England of 1910. As always, Bleiweiss challenges the reader to try to keep pace. Don’t miss this fun read.” Catherine Coulter, author of Reckoning
“Pignon Scorbion is back in Murder in Haxford—a captivating and effortlessly charming return to the golden age of detective fiction. Fans of the genre will find Rick Bleiweiss firing on all cylinders with deft plotting, rich characters, and the heart-pounding twists that are the hallmark of a true master. It is not to be missed.” Joshua Hood, bestselling author of the Treadstone Series
“Murder in Haxford, Rick Bleiweiss’s sophomore entry in the Pignon Scorbion series, fleshes out Inspector Scorbion in a more expansive way and brings him even more three-dimensionally to life, rooting him now in our literary unconscious. After a sparkling debut, Bleiweiss has exceeded expectations in this second book and hoisted it to new heights with this exquisitely wrought page-turner. Plying his trade in the cozy mystery, Bleiweiss may be one of the few writers in this genre conceivably possessed of genius.” Rex Pickett, bestselling author of Sideways and The Archivist
“Murder in Haxford is another delightful romp through Edwardian England as Chief Inspector Pignon Scorbion and a colorful cast of supporting characters grapple with murder and mayhem. Author Rick Bleiweiss conjures up a gentler, more civilized era—an age when even brutal crimes can be solved by keen intellect, close observation, and a shrewd appreciation of human nature. Bravo!” Patrick Larkin, New York Times bestselling coauthor of Red Phoenix
“Murder in Haxford, book two in the Pignon Scorbion series by the talented Rick Bleiweiss, is such an exciting escape! The mysteries will leave you breathless, as the focus of suspects changes rapidly. You’ll be flipping pages trying to help Pignon figure out, ‘whodunnit!’ The characters are fascinating and believable, and the descriptions of the town of Haxford during Edwardian England will make you want to jump through time! I could hear the clip-clop of horses on the cobblestone streets! You don’t want to miss this one! Absolutely delightful!” Beth Albright, USA Today bestselling author
“Death by arrow? Poison? And art forgeries? It truly takes a Holmes type of detective to solve the crime. A brilliant investigator, Pignon Scorbion, looks for means, motive, and opportunity. With twists and turns, he finds the culprit and solves the crime. A great story by Rick Bleiweiss!” Don Bruns, USA Today bestselling author and editor of Hotel California
“Rick Bleiweiss is a magnificent storyteller who occupies two worlds, those of the golden age of the detective story led by Agatha Christie, John Dickson Carr, Rex Stout, and the heirs such as Anthony Horowitz, P. D. James, and Alexander McCall Smith. His two books, Pignon Scorbion & the Barbershop Detectives and Murder in Haxford, are the best of these two worlds of crime fiction and make for compulsive reading. We live in an uncertain world in many respects, even to the extent where the writer you read yesterday might try something so different that’ll leave you scratching your head and asking why change a unique recipe that works. What better way is there to spend an evening than with two books that have the creativity of a Monet, the consistency of a Swiss clock, and atmosphere of a film by Welles.”  Andrew F. Gulli, author and managing editor of Strand Magazine
“Charming…Bleiweiss keeps things breezy while making it fair for readers to anticipate the solution. Golden age fans will be pleased.” Publishers Weekly
“Soothing retro puzzles for fans who long for the return of Hercule Poirot.” Kirkus Reviews
“Another amazing tale in the Pignon Scorbion murder mystery series. Murder in Haxford was a savory delight to read…an amazingly well-rounded adventure.” Jennifer Palmer, host of Online for Authors and other podcasts
“The second novel in [Bleiweiss’s] series of parody/pastiches of golden-age detective stories…this one is great fun.” Booklist



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Author Bio: Rick Bleiweiss

Author Bio: Rick Bleiweiss

Rick Bleiweiss has been a successful musician, songwriter, music producer, and record company executive. He has worked as a social activist and journalist and is currently a publishing executive. His novel Pignon Scorbion & the Barbershop Detectives was selected as an Amazon Editors’ Pick for Best Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense, as well as being chosen as one of the year’s Best New Debut Mystery Novels by Publishers Weekly. Rick lives in Ashland, Oregon, and is at work on his next Pignon Scorbion novel. Follow him and Scorbion at

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Audience: Adult
Language: English