Malice Prepense by Kate Wilhelm audiobook

Malice Prepense

By Kate Wilhelm
Read by Anna Fields

Blackstone Publishing

The Barbara Holloway Mysteries: Book 3


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Runtime: 15.78 Hours
Category: Fiction/Mystery & Detective
Audience: Adult
Language: English



Forget about Grisham, Turow, and all those other scribbling ex-lawyers. The best writer of legal mysteries working today is Kate Wilhelm of Eugene, Oregon.

When he was a kid, Teddy Wendover had an accident that left him stunted at the mental age of eight. Physically, he's six-foot-two and twenty-eight years old, but he acts and thinks just like a little boy. Could this big little boy be a killer?

Someone has murdered one of Oregon's congressmen, and it doesn't seem to be a coincidence that this politician led the field trip during which Teddy's accident occurred almost twenty years ago. Nor does it seem to be coincidental that the killer left rocks strewn about the murder site, rocks just like the ones Teddy plays with. And the only thing that's certain is that the person who cast the first of these stones is not without sin.

Malice Prepense is the most complicated and most engrossing case yet for Barbara Holloway, the dynamic star of Death Qualified and The Best Defense.

Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews

“As Wilhelm spins her riveting tale, she not only makes the legal system comprehensible and compelling but also makes her readers care about her characters, particularly the efficient yet vulnerable Barbara.” Publishers Weekly
“Forget about Grisham, Turow and all those other scribbling ex-lawyers. The best writer of legal mysteries working today is Kate Wilhelm…Holloway is a marvelously dense and thorny character, and her father and legal colleague is equally interesting.”
“Provides nail-biting courtroom tension, revealing much about our society’s perception of ethics, family values, and the capabilities of the mentally challenged. This is a worthy contribution to the courtroom thriller genre.” Library Journal
“Wilhelm proves yet again that she’s one of the more talented writers in the genre, offering suspense, action, and tough, intelligent characters. A top pick for fans of the conventional mystery.” Booklist



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Author Bio: Kate Wilhelm

Author Bio: Kate Wilhelm

Kate Wilhelm (1928–2018) was the bestselling author of dozens of novels and short-story collections. Among her novels are the popular courtroom thrillers featuring attorney Barbara Holloway. Her other works include the science fiction classic Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang.

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Category: Fiction/Mystery & Detective
Runtime: 15.78
Audience: Adult
Language: English