About Us

Blackstone Publishing produces high-quality print and e-book editions of exciting new fiction and quality nonfiction, as well as reissues of classic titles. We launched in 2015 as an imprint of Blackstone Audio, Inc., one of the largest independent audiobook publishers in the world. Our imprint is committed to publishing exceptional books of all genres that captivate readers. Look for more Blackstone Publishing title in print, e-book, and audiobooks to be announced soon. Blackstone Publishing

Why Become A Blackstone Author?

Attentiveness To Our Authors.

Blackstone Publishing is selective in the books we acquire, allowing us to give our authors and book campaigns more attention than the average publisher. Our staff is dedicated to being available to authors and answering questions in a prompt manner.

An Editor That's Right For You.

An engaging, respectful, energizing relationship between an author and editor is vital to shaping a book in its final stages. Blackstone authors have a choice of editor. We help them find the right match with an editor who is uniquely suited to their personality, genre, and style.

Creative, Curious, And Open Approach To Marketing And Publicity.

An Author's team at a Blackstone Publishing constantly seeks out new ideas and creative ways to spread the word about books. Our mission is to explore and test new avenues of reaching readers in digital, print, and beyond. We thrive on brainstorming with our authors and exchanging fresh ideas on what strategy we anticipate will work best for the book.