American Caesar by William Manchester audiobook

American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur 1880–1964

By William Manchester
Read by Grover Gardner

Blackstone Publishing


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Category: Nonfiction/Biography & Autobiography
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ANew York Times bestseller in Nonfiction in 1978

"[Douglas MacArthur] was a great thundering paradox of a man, noble and ignoble, inspiring and outrageous, arrogant and shy, the best of men and the worst of men, the most protean, most ridiculous, and most sublime. No more baffling, exasperating soldier ever wore a uniform. Flamboyant, imperious, and apocalyptic, he carried the plumage of a flamingo, could not acknowledge errors, and tried to cover up his mistakes with sly, childish tricks. Yet he was also endowed with great personal charm, a will of iron, and a soaring intellect. Unquestionably he was the most gifted man-at-arms this nation has produced."—William Manchester

Virtually all Americans above a certain age hold strong opinions about Douglas MacArthur. They either worship him or despise him. And they are all wrong, because their premises are rooted in apocrypha. Now, one of our most outstanding writers, after a meticulous three-year examination of the record, presents his startling conclusions in this superb book. The narrative is gripping because the General's life was fascinating. It is moving because he was a man of vision. It finally ends in tragedy because his character, though majestic, was tragically flawed.

Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews

“Gracefully written, impeccably researched and scrupulus in every way—a thrilling and profoundly ponderable piece of work.” Newsweek
“[Douglas MacArthur] was a great thundering paradox of a man, noble and ignoble, inspiring and outrageous, arrogant and shy,t he best of men and the worst of men, the most poretean, most ridiculous, and most sublime.” William Manchester
“A blockbuster of a book…It reads like a novel, but all of it is based firmly on the complex but fascinating record.” New York Magazine
“A through and spellbinding book...a dramatic chronicle of one of America’s last epic heroes.” Saturday Review
“Listening to [Gardner], one imagines a jovial uncle delivering a slap on the back and sitting down to describe war experiences in a rich voice filled with humor and pathos. The ‘you-are-there’ quality grabs and holds. This is a carefully done, seamless audio presentation.”  AudioFile



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Author Bio: William Manchester

Author Bio: William Manchester

William Manchester (1922–2004) was an award-winning American author, biographer, historian, and a professor emeritus of history at Wesleyan University. He was awarded the National Humanities Medal and the Abraham Lincoln Literary Award. Among his many New York Times bestselling books are two which made the #1 spot on the list: The Death of a President and The Last Lion: Alone.

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Category: Nonfiction/Biography & Autobiography
Runtime: 31.82
Audience: Adult
Language: English