Dimension Why #1: How to Save the Universe Without Really Trying by John Cusick audiobook

Dimension Why #1: How to Save the Universe Without Really Trying

By John Cusick
Read by Gary Furlong

HarperCollins 9780062937582

The Dimension Why Series: Book 1


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    ISBN: 9781799942030

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Runtime: 6.73 Hours
Category: Fiction/Science Fiction
Audience: Children (8–12)
Language: English



A 31st-century boy and a 21st-century girl team up to save the universe, evade an evil race of bog mutants, and make a quick pit stop to visit the moon in Dimension Why.

John Cusick’s middle grade debut will transport you to a vast fantasy world full of absurd humor that will keep you gasping all the way to the twist ending

.Lola Ray was a normal 21st-century girl until a poorly timed sneeze in an X-ray machine flung her a thousand years into the future. To get back home, she’ll have to team up with Phineas T. Fogg, a 31st-century boy whose only friend up until now has been his talking teddy bear and whose overprotective parents have never let him leave his high-tech apartment.

Together, Lola and Phin will have to cross the galaxy, brave a mysterious invitation to tea, and escape a race of all-powerful interdimensional beings who are convinced that Lola knows the answer to the universe’s biggest question . . . the question of The End.



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Author Bio: John Cusick

Author Bio: John Cusick

John Cusick is an author and literary agent. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and a large orange cat named Donut. He is a regular speaker at writers conferences, and keeps a blog at JohnMCusick.com. You can also find him on Twitter @JohnMCusick.

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Available Formats : Retail CD, Library CD, MP3 CD
Category: Fiction/Science Fiction
Runtime: 6.73
Audience: Children (8–12)
Language: English