Make Your Own Sunshine by Janice Dean audiobook

Make Your Own Sunshine: Inspiring Stories of People Who Find Light in Dark Times

By Janice Dean
Read by Janice Dean

HarperAudio, HarperCollins 9780063027954


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Category: Nonfiction/Biography
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These are the kinds of stories we need right now.

While the news is filled with villains and villainy, we do see a few famous heroes now again. But what about the everyday heroes? The people going out of their way bring a little love into someone else's life? They deserve a time in the spotlight to inspire us all.

Life can be tough—but it helps to know other people have come through hard times with a smile on their face. In Make Your Own Sunshine, Janice Dean shares inspiring stories that will lift your spirit and touch your heart. Good people are all around us doing selfless deeds, from a firefighter who bravely battled for his colleague’s health after 9/11 to a good Samaritan who secretly pays for the coffees of everyone in line behind him.  You can’t help but smile reading about the teacher who cut her hair to make her student feel better.  And you may shed a tear when you hear the story of the dad who never missed writing a napkin note for his daughter, including stashing extra notes in case he lost his batter with cancer.  From a young man who makes bow ties for dogs waiting to be adopted to an Uber driver who brightened a new mom’s day by helping her buy baby clothes, the heroes in this story will warm your heart and stick in your mind.

Janice has made it her mission to uncover and document these good stories to inspire us and gives us a much-needed boost of optimism. All we have to do is open our minds and our hearts, to look for the light on a cloudy day. Because as she reminds us, if we don’t make our own sunshine—who will? 

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Author Bio: Janice Dean

Author Bio: Janice Dean

Janice Dean is the New York Times bestselling author of Mostly Sunny and the senior meteorologist at Fox News. She serves as the morning meteorologist on Fox and Friend and lives in New York City.

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Category: Nonfiction/Biography
Runtime: 6.42
Audience: Adult
Language: English