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Paul: A Biography

By N. T. Wright
Read by James Langton

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In this definitive biography, renowned Bible scholar, Anglican bishop, and bestselling author N. T. Wright offers a radical look at the apostle Paul, illuminating the humanity and remarkable achievements of this intellectual who invented Christian theology—transforming a faith and changing the world.

For centuries, Paul, the apostle who "saw the light on the Road to Damascus" and made a miraculous conversion from zealous Pharisee persecutor to devoted follower of Christ, has been one of the church’s most widely cited saints. While his influence on Christianity has been profound, N. T. Wright argues that Bible scholars and pastors have focused so much attention on Paul’s letters and theology that they have too often overlooked the essence of the man’s life and the extreme unlikelihood of what he achieved.

To Wright, "The problem is that Paul is central to any understanding of earliest Christianity, yet Paul was a Jew; for many generations Christians of all kinds have struggled to put this together." Wright contends that our knowledge of Paul and appreciation for his legacy cannot be complete without an understanding of his Jewish heritage. Giving us a thoughtful, in-depth exploration of the human and intellectual drama that shaped Paul, Wright provides greater clarity of the apostle’s writings, thoughts, and ideas and helps us see them in a fresh, innovative way.

Paul is a compelling modern biography that reveals the apostle’s greater role in Christian history—as an inventor of new paradigms for how we understand Jesus and what he accomplished—and celebrates his stature as one of the most effective and influential intellectuals in human history.

Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews

“Wright takes the most controversial and influential author of scripture and does something remarkable: he humanizes Paul. I was hooked from the first page.” Mike McHargue, author of Finding God in the Waves
“Written with the usual Wright combination of erudition, intuition, and mature wit and wisdom, Paul should serve us well as we seek to unlock the keys to the first great Christian theologian as a man, as a missionary, and as a writer.” Ben Witherington III, Asbury Theological Seminary
“A biography of St. Paul by his greatest living interpreter: it is a dream come true.” Tom Holland, author of In the Shadow of the Sword
“An enthralling journey into the mind of Paul by one of the great theologians of our time, a work full of insight, depth, and generosity of understanding.” Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, author of Not in God’s Name
“Wright brings alive not only Paul but also the communities where he formed churches and the religious ideas swirling around them…This highly readable volume gives those interested in biblical history something to argue about and plenty to ponder.” Booklist (starred review)
“Blending solid scholarship and analysis with a respect for and, indeed, belief in the text, Wright provides a solid introduction to Paul…A very human Paul, brought to life by an experienced teacher and pastor—an excellent introduction for general readers.” Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
“The life of one of Christianity’s founders is told by renowned biblical scholar N. T. Wright, who believes that in focusing on Paul’s letters and theology, scholars and pastors have not considered Paul as a person and in the context of his times.” Publishers Weekly
“In eloquent and inviting prose, one of the world’s leading New Testament scholars retells the story behind the story, the story of the Apostle Paul.” Craig S. Keener, F. M. and Ada Thompson Professor of New Testament, Asbury Theological Seminary
“An enthralling journey into the mind of Paul by one of the great theologians of our time, a work full of insight, depth and generosity of understanding.” Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, author of Not in God’s Name



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Author Bio: N. T. Wright

Author Bio: N. T. Wright

N. T. Wright, former Bishop of Durham in the Church of England, now serves as chair of New Testament and Early Christianity at the School of Divinity at the University of St. Andrews. He has been featured on ABC News, Dateline, The Colbert Report, and Fresh Air. He is the award-winning author of such books as Simply Christian, Surprised by Hope, After You Believe, Simply Jesus, How God Became King, and the series Christian Origins and the Question of God, and he is the translator of The Kingdom New Testament.

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Category: Nonfiction/Religion
Runtime: 15.38
Audience: Adult
Language: English