The Obsidian Butterfly by Lani Forbes audiobook

The Obsidian Butterfly

By Lani Forbes
Read by Stacy Gonzalez

Blackstone Publishing 9781982546113

The Age of the Seventh Sun Series: Book 3


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Runtime: 14.76 Hours
Category: Fiction/Fantasy
Audience: Young Adult (12–17)
Language: English



A Reviewers' Choice of the Month in New YA SFF Books 

A Children's Book Council Pick of the Month

The Seventh Sun faces destruction as Mayana and Ahkin race to save their world in the finale to this “compulsively readable” series (Rachel A. Marks, author of Fire and Bone).

To the Chicome people, an eclipse is a time of terror. When darkness falls, the barrier separating the heavens and the earth becomes unstable. Then come the ravening Tzitzimime—the star demons who thirst for human blood. Mayana and Ahkin know the full extent of the coming danger, but they must gather support or the Chicome Empire is doomed.

As the eclipse nears, many maneuver for power in this deadly game of worlds ending.

Metzi, Ahkin’s treacherous sister, has seized control of the empire with the aid of the malevolent goddess known as the Obsidian Butterfly. But Metzi has no idea what the goddess has in store …

Yemania and Ochix face the wrath of both their peoples. Their forbidden liaison may draw ancient enemies together … or rip the young lovers apart forever.

And the princesses who battled fiercely for Ahkin’s heart in The Seventh Sun meet again—but this time, they must join forces in order to survive.

As for Ahkin and Mayana, the entire empire seems to want to keep them apart. Can their love endure the end of the world?

Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews

“The next generation of Chicome leaders must unite to determine the fate of the empire in the epic climax of the Age of the Seventh Sun trilogy…This is a page-turner from start to finish, with something for all devoted readers of the series to enjoy in its conclusion. A pulse-quickening, soul-aching, and truly satisfying end to the cycle.” Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
“The Obsidian Butterfly closes a spine-tingling series…Political intrigue and crossing paths abound as Mayana and Ahkin must fight to save a world that seems intent to keep them apart. Forbes’s meticulous world building and compelling characters will keep readers engrossed until the very end.” Booklist
“A genius at bleeding her characters of every precious drop of life, Lani Forbes weaves a powerful story of love and sacrifice in The Obsidian Butterfly. Masterful and compelling! Her ability to take a dark and haunting—literally—cultural lore and manipulate it into a got-you-by-the-throat story is mesmerizing. A brilliant conclusion to the series.” Ronie Kendig, award-winning author of Brand of Light
“A mythical, magical, and introspective adventure that celebrates Mesoamerican heritage; more, please.” Kirkus Reviews on The Jade Bones
“Breathtaking in scope, this sequel to The Seventh Sun will leave readers clamoring for volume three!” Alane Ferguson, Edgar Allan Poe Award winner and author of over thirty novels, on The Jade Bones
“If only writing intrigue, fantasy, adventure, and romance were as easy as Lani Forbes makes it look. Absolutely fantastic.” Devri Walls, author of the Venators series, praise for the series



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Author Bio: Lani Forbes

Author Bio: Lani Forbes

Lani Forbes (1987–2022) was the acclaimed author of the Age of the Seventh Sun series, which won multiple Realm Awards. She was a teacher turned psychology student, and her passion was showing readers the transformative and encouraging power of story on the human experience. Lani was an award-winning member of Romance Writers of America and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, a mother of three, and a stage IV cancer warrior. Her legacy lives on in her young adult novels that continue to be discovered and beloved by readers.

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Category: Fiction/Fantasy
Runtime: 14.76
Audience: Young Adult (12–17)
Language: English