The Selfishness of Others by Kristin Dombek audiobook

The Selfishness of Others: An Essay on the Fear of Narcissism

By Kristin Dombek
Read by Rachel Fulginiti

Blackstone Publishing, Blackstone Publishing 9780865478237


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Category: Nonfiction/Psychology
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A Wired Magazine Pick of Best Nonfiction of the Decade

A NPR Best Book of 2016

A Shelf Awareness Best Book of 2016

They’re among us, but they are not like us. They manipulate, lie, cheat, and steal. They are irresistibly charming and accomplished, appearing to live in a radiance beyond what we are capable of. But narcissists are empty. No one knows exactly what everyone else is full of—some kind of a soul, or personhood—but whatever it is, experts agree that narcissists do not have it.

So goes the popular understanding of narcissism, or NPD (narcissistic personality disorder). And it’s more prevalent than ever, according to recent articles in the New York Times, the Atlantic, and Time. In bestsellers like The Narcissism Epidemic, Narcissists Exposed, and The Narcissist Next Door, pop psychologists have armed the normal with tools to identify and combat the vampiric influence of this rising population, while on websites like, thousands of people congregate to swap horror stories about relationships with “narcs.”

In The Selfishness of Others, the essayist Kristin Dombek provides a clear-sighted account of how a rare clinical diagnosis became a fluid cultural phenomenon, a repository for our deepest fears about love, friendship, and family. She cuts through hysteria in search of the razor-thin line between pathology and common selfishness, writing with robust skepticism toward the prophets of NPD and genuine empathy for those who see themselves as its victims. And finally, she shares her own story in a candid effort to find a path away from the cycle of fear and blame and toward a more forgiving and rewarding life.

Editorial Reviews

Editorial Reviews

“Sharply argued, knottily intelligent, darkly funny…showing how a specialized clinical term metastasized into a sweeping description of our entire culture.” New York Times
“Is excessive self-love a scourge of the twenty-first century? Dombek, a wonderfully nuanced essayist, takes on our collective egotism in this piercing and surprisingly funny book.” O, The Oprah Magazine
“Dombek writes breezily and well about the history of the idea of narcissism, leaning heavily on Elizabeth Lunbeck’s excellent The Americanization of Narcissism." Washington Post
“Dombek dignifies the genre. Her essays are personal in the way of Montaigne or Virginia Woolf: bold, humane, and more imaginative than ­navel-gazing.” New York Times Book Review
“[Dombek is] graceful on the page, and often more empathic, especially toward the suffering multitudes who’ve sustained lasting injury (they proclaim) at the hands of narcissistic bosses, bad boyfriends, selfish parents.” Bookforum
“Essayist Dombek offers plenty of examples of what has become a buzzword for the self-absorbed millennial…A savvy, sharp study.” Kirkus Reviews
“A tour de force and a masterpiece of comic intellect.” Mark Greif, author of The Age of the Crisis of Man



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Author Bio: Kristin Dombek

Author Bio: Kristin Dombek

Kristin Dombek is the 2013 winner of the Rona Jaffe Foundation Writers’ Award. Her essays can be found in the New York Times, Harper’s magazine, the London Review of Books, n+1, and the Paris Review. She has written an advice column for n+1 called “The Help Desk,” and her book about fear of narcissism, The Selfishness of Others, was published in 2016. She lives in Brooklyn and teaches in the Princeton Writing Program.

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Available Formats : Retail CD, Library CD
Category: Nonfiction/Psychology
Runtime: 4.03
Audience: Adult
Language: English